Sunday School for all ages at 9:30 AM
Sunday Morning is the time we gather together as a local body, to worship the God who created all and provided a way for us to be reconciled to Him.  Our Sunday morning programs are designed as a learning opportunity for believers to be better equipped for life through an understanding of God’s Word.


 Winter 2022 –  LBC Sunday School Ministry

January – March

Children & Youth
         Pre-K4 – 2nd Grade    Teacher – Lynn Sickinger  –  (Room 105)    
  • 3rd – 6th Grade    Teacher –  Carol Pereira – (Room 109)
           Theme: God’s Word is Our Foundation – Studying Genesis
  • Youth  (7th Grade thru High School) – (Room 107)
          A continuation of the study of a broad overview of all 66 books of the Bible.




  • Gifted for God’s Glory

Teacher  – Lucia O’Dowd    Room 201

  The Women’s Sunday School Class will be taking an in depth look at what God’s Word says about spiritual gifts.  The class will be broken down into three distinct sections.  Coming to a biblical understanding of the gifts of the Holy Spirit; discovering spiritual gifts; and using your spiritual gifts for God’s glory.


  • Revelation: Are We There Yet? ~ The Book of Revelation Made Clear  

Teacher    Norris Mullings     Sanctuary

           With it’s complex imagery, dramatic violence, and challenging spiritual references, John’s Revelation seems 
          shrouded in mystery. What does it all mean?  One of the constant themes of the Bible is that life as we know it is coming                      to an end. Whether that end comes through death, or the return of The Lord Jesus Christ, Scripture 
          is clear that soon and very soon, our lives are about to undergo a big change. The knowledge that the end is in
          sight ought to affect how we live every day. What will happen to us – and the rest of the people on earth,
          after our lives come to an end?  What does the Bible say about the future God has planned for us?  Come
          explore The Book of Revelation verse by verse and learn about the glorious God has for us.
          Every Good Gift and Every Perfect Gift is from Above
          Teacher – Bill Weeks – Community Room
          An exploration of God’s good gifts, including, for example, life, the ability to enjoy life, the revelation of Himself, faith
          skills, and we will see what else.