Sunday School for all ages at 9:30 AM
Sunday Morning is the time we gather together as a local body, to worship the God who created all and provided a way for us to be reconciled to Him.  Our Sunday morning programs are designed as a learning opportunity for believers to be better equipped for life through an understanding of God’s Word.


 Spring 2024  LBC Sunday School Ministry

Children & Youth
         PreK to 5th Grade    Teacher – Lynn Sickinger  –  (Room 105) 

Adventures on Route 66

 Adventures on Route 66 is an extensive, fun, fast-paced curriculum which takes kids through the 66 books of the Bible chronologically.  Students add people and events to a timeline each week to help them envision the “big picture” of the Bible. They also work on memorizing Bible verses and learning to find things in their Bibles.


   6th to 12th Grade  –   Teachers Thom & Kathy Baker  –  (Room 202)
A Cohesive Overview of Scripture
Learn more about God and His purposes as we journey through the timeline of God’s people and events.


Mindset Matters
Teacher-Lucia O’Dowd
Room 205

 Join us as we dive deep into the short but powerful book of Philippians.  Using Paul’s personal and intimate letter to the struggling believers in Philippi, we will learn and grow in our understanding and application of what it means to live with a mindset that is based on God’s Word and enabled by God’s Holy Spirit dwelling in each believer.  





Great Men  & Women of Faith in the Bible from Adam to Zerubbabel

Teacher  –  Norris Mullings

The Bible is filled with detailed accounts of some of the most amazing people to have ever walked the earth. God used each of these people to impact the world and our faith. There is much to be learned from the stories of faith found in the lives of these heroes of faith.


The Book of  Numbers

Teacher  –  Dan Faris
 Community Room
Join us as we explore the fourth book of the Bible, one of the “Five Books of Moses”as it describes Israel’s journey from Mt.Sinai to the borders of The Promised Land.