Our History
Construction of the Gym

Construction of the Gym

Leptondale’s ministry roots go back to July 12, 1898, when Leptondale Sunday School was founded. At some point, the Sunday School became a church. Here are some key dates in our history:
1898 – Sunday School started in various area homes

1900 – East Leptondale Chapel was constructed, dedicated October 14, 1900 

1931 – Fred Bopp, pastor of Cornwall Baptist Church starts Wednesday evening services

1945 – Alice Heotzler Secore starts Sunday evening service for young people

1954 – East Leptondale Bible Church is formed

1955 – On February 3, Rev. Donald Valenti begins service as pastor

1961 – December 15-17 – Dedication of the new church building

1962 – Pastor John Yates begins as pastor

1965 – An addition was made to the sanctuary and classrooms

1971 – Pastor Richard Emmons begins service as senior pastor

1979 – The gym was added

1980 – Leptondale Christian Academy was started

1983 – Pastor Dwight Brown begins service as senior pastor

1987 – An additional four classrooms were added

1995 – Pastor Bruce Baker begins service as senior pastor

2000 – Pastor James Pittman begins service as senior pastor

2009 – Pastor Steve Betcher begins service as senior pastor

2012 – Pastor Bryan Tripp begins service as associate pastor
2015 – Pastor Mike O’Dowd begins service as senior pastor
2021 – Renovation of Fellowship Hall and Lobby completed.  Elevator added between
            Fellowship Hall and Sanctuary.